Forty to?

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One of the hardest things is writing this blog. I’ll sit here for, oh, 5-10 minutes staring blankly at the screen. Watching the ‘floaters’ in my eye drift this way and that, before something finally comes to me, or as more often than not doesn’t come to me.

So, last night watched “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” and walked away from it no better than I had been before hand. Actually I was somewhat agitated. I mean the story revolves, mostly, around Bella (Kristen Stewart) and she’s pretty much a whiny, psuedo-emo, over indulged, under stimulated tween. Half the time she looks stoned, and the other part of the time she looks as if someone off screen has rammed a broom stick up her arse.

Then there’s the so called vampires. I’m not sure where Stephenie Meyer learned what a vampire is, and how they work. But whatever those things are in the Twilight movies they aren’t vampires. They’re like…well I’m not really sure what they are. They have eyes like Darth Vader had in “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith”, maybe they’re Sith? But they drink blood, maybe they’re just cannibals? Then there’s the shimmering when they are in direct sunlight, maybe they’re umm, jewels? Yeah I’m lost there as well. I mean there’s werewolves at least she got those right, more or less.

But the whole underlying theme seems to me to be, whiny tweens doing whiny tween stuff. You have the Edward the whiny tween vampire hottie, Bella the human whiny girl and Jacob the equally whiny tween werewolf all involved in some supernatural fueled love triangle.

The whole thing could use a desirable jolt of believable-ness, well as believable as you can make non-vampire vampires and werewolves at least.

When is there going to be an action packed, special effects fueled, anime inspired, sci-fi/fantasy mega movie. I’m more than certain there are people with creative imaginations beyond mine in Hollywood that watch anime and sci-fi and think “Goddamit! I wanna make a movie with this shit!” so there the flying fuzz nipples is it!

I’m talking about a movie where a no name kid realized he has some sort of super amazing awesome powers, and goes on a self created journey to discover his new found powers and himself, only to find that there exists another like him, only a polar opposite. Where as our main character, i.e. the protagonist is the so called good guy, this other person is pretty much one badass, sociopathic mindfuck of a person. They both explore the world, or in our antagonists case maim,kill and destroy portions of the world, until they finally meet. Their powers both mostly matured, and they proceed with an all out super powered, special effects loaded slugfest. Something that would put the best fight scenes in anime to shame.

Also, when the hell are we going to get flying cars?