Forty to?

The time has passed

Long passed has the time been when Americans got angry. At least angry over something that actually matters, not whether homosexuals should marry (of course they should), or whether women should be able to get abortions (of course they should), but whether or not you should have a say in what the work you do is worth.

Currently citizens in Wisconsin are fighting their own recently elected GOP Governor who, among other things, is trying to severely limit a workers ability to negotiate just that. He’s not trying to get rid of the ability to negotiate, but he might as well. Because what he wants to do is cap the limit they can negotiate up to. That cap would be the Consumer Price Index, which most analysts have said would give workers hardly any room to bargain with.

What people need to realize, and Unions do a fairly good job of doing this already, is that the work you do, the service you provide your employer is just as much a commodity as whatever service your employer provides. If you work on an assembly line putting together air conditioners, the work you put into that air conditioner is every bit as important as the finished product. All too often in today’s corporate world that solitary, yet profound idea is either forgotten, or ignored. You aren’t just a replaceable hunk of flesh that an employer should see as a utility. You’re a valuable commodity, every bit as valuable as the good or service that your employer provides.

However American as a whole either have forgotten, if you’re old enough to have been educated on such concepts, or aren’t aware if  you’re young enough to be ignorant of such concepts. It’s that lack of memory, or ignorance which has lead Americans to the path of the indifference when it comes to workers rights.

That’s why when I heard about the 30,000 person strong turn out in Wisconsin I cracked a smile from ear to ear. Finally it clicked with someone, sort of. While they’re mostly there to support the Union effort, I have heard some interviews with people who are saying that they’re there to ensure that workers rights are upheld.

In the end I feel Wisconsin is going to be a lightening rod for an upcoming labor movement here in the US, a movement that I personally feel is long overdue.


by the people for the people…
10 February 2011, 1:49 pm
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So, I’ve going to again climb up on my soap box and preach the good word to you heathens.

I do not understand the GOP…at all. Nothing they do makes any sense to me.  They say they want to create jobs, instead they cut funding, won’t that mean cutting jobs? Or mean cutting services, which means fewer people will be serviced, which means smaller staffs are needed, which means letting people go?

I don’t know about you, but my Mom always said you don’t get anything for free, and while that is largely correct, it definitely rings true in these types of situations. Sure you can save some money in the short term by cutting here, cutting there and cutting everywhere. But that’s like trying to save the sinking ship with a thimble. An equally old adage that applies here is that you have to spend money to make money. You have to fund new ventures to create jobs. You can’t just cut out chunks of spending, and hope that the private sector will pick up on your intentions and run with it. They won’t.

The corporate sector will do the same thing, because as immoral and rotted as the corporate sector is, it’s also a very frightened animal. It doesn’t want to lose a penny, so it’s not surprising that the GOP, that doesn’t want to spend a penny, is in bed with them, and boy, do they make a helluva mess when they get it on. It’s like watching walruses mate, one old bloated sack of meat on top of an equally old, bloated sack of meat.

Not to add insult to injury, but really, if you make less than $250,000 a year I don’t see why’d you be a Republican to begin with. Because if you’re like me and only scratch out $30,000 to $40,000 year the GOP really doesn’t even like you, they think you’re a leach on society and the economy. They really want the people with money, obscene amounts of money that is, to rejuvenate the economy. What they repeatedly fail to realize though is that that will never, ever, ever, ever, ever happen.

First off, people with that kind of cash, spend it on luxury items, things that generally have little to no impact on the larger, long term economic outlook. It’s you and I that spend $5 here and there, $100 there, and are constantly pumping a constant stream of cash into the economy that impact it the most.

GOP doesn’t buy into Global Warming, so they want to cut the EPA off like a dead limb. So they want to breathe polluted air? They don’t care about the quality of the water you drink, because they’re ok with frac’ing. So I really don’t see a saving grace here guys.

Hate to say it GOP fat cats, but I think as more people look at you historically, and actually pay attention to the bumbling sounds that rattle out of your blathering mouths most people will start to see that for the most part, the majority of you are greedy, closed minded, nitwits and hopefully they’ll realize that before you kill us all.

Now don’t even get me started on this Tea Party BS, I don’t need a self induced aneurysm.