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Again with the blogging and the typing and such
14 August 2010, 9:51 pm
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Well, here we go again on our own, no no that’s a song, a good song but not what I meant.

Ok so, here we go. Blog go!

*cough* …

Yeah I still don’t know what to blog about. Maybe that in and of itself is something to blog about. But who’d read a blog about nothing? Well people watch Fox News, so you’ve got your foot in the door.

The Missus just sent me an interesting stumble *note to put in a link there to stumble* **make sure to explain the flow of consciousness type-esque thing going on here**
SO! yes, flow of consciousness, I suppose that’ll be somewhat fitting. Wonder why spell check says “that’ll” isn’t correct, it’s a contraction who says what words I can and can’t make contractions with. If people can use “ain’t” then I can use “that’ll”.

Job, yes job hunt. Ongoing for, March to August, five months now. Interviews, good feelings, no takers. Well one, but that job would have sucked the proverbial donkey ball. Also we (The Missus and I) got approved for a home loan, WOOT!, however pursuing that is directly tied to getting aforementioned job that is currently being sought.

GAH! right eye can’t see, it’s fuzzy. Contact is overdue for a change, but this is the last pair, currently awaiting replenished supply of contact lenses in mail, five to ten business days. Things will continue to get fuzzy from here on out.

I’ve found I consume quite a large amount of peanuts. Must look into adverse effects of this, if any. Not feeling anything different, but research is fun. Now that would be a nice job, researcher of some sort. However, I’m sure the folks that do that sort of thing have degrees in Researchology or something to that effect.

Listening to a lot of Irish music lately, not sure why. Also, noted predisposition with Billy Connolly.

15 minutes later

Sorry, had to saunter over to the Billy Connolly website and see if he’s touring anywhere near me, he’s not. Damn the luck

I love when at work (Computer Repair) when I’ve sold someone a new computer case and had to transfer all the internal components into said new case. The customers gets it home, which means that they’ve come to the store, picked up the computer (physically that is, and carried it even), got home, hooked it all back up, and THEN realize that it looks different. Then they decide to call me and say that I gave them someone elses computer. This occurs every time I do this particular type of job, without fail. At which time I remind them that I sold them a new case and had to put all of their computers internal parts in a new case, and about half the time I have to explain what a case is.

Ok well, eyes are dry *crunch* and peanuts are crunchy.

G’nite all