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Dog poo and scottish eggs
17 August 2010, 11:24 am
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Right now, with the Missus and the kiddo not at home, one of the minor highlights of my day is when I get home and see how excited the pups are to see me. Well yesterday Moo (a tiny, yappy, Yorkie) apparently had a good bowel day, as she left presents for me. One of which she had stepped in, FUN!

I looked down at her and said “REALLY?!” and scruffed her put her in her kennel, and from there she watched with an assumed amused demeanor. As if to say “Yeah, that’s right! PICK UP MY POO!”

After all that it was about 8pm or so when I finished getting everything vacuumed and cleaned up, and I still hadn’t made dinner, what to do. I had done the grocery shopping after work, so I do have a nicely stocked fridge and pantry. Tuna salad sammich? Pizza? Pizza rolls!, no…Cereal, drat! Forgot to get ham from the deli, no sammiches for moi. I know! Let’s make those Scottish Eggs I read about a couple of days ago.

My task now set in stone, I embarked! Forming Sausage bowls, that’s right! Bowls made of sausage, their existence was fleeting however, as they soon became a tasty, meaty cocoon for a hard boiled egg. Then give the lil buggars an egg bath, and roll them in some bread crumbs. Then we prepare the torture device, a bath of boiling oil. Alright, so it wasn’t really boiling, but it was HOT!

Place one of those tasty little treats in the oil and listen to it scream in delicious agony! Roll ’em around in the oil matter o’ fact, get ’em all nice and browned, and then pull their crispy carcasses out of the oil and display them on a paper towel for all the other food stuffs to see. LET THEM BE A WARNING!

After they’ve served their propagandic purpose, slice them in half, and cut them into edible bits and serve with some brown mustard. It was truly a foodgasm.