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Meme's! memememememememmeeemeeeeeee!
28 August 2010, 2:50 pm
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Meme, makes me think of Beaker. No, not our dog, the muppet. You know, this guy…

beaker and spiders

He’s a pretty kewl guy, albeit cursed by some hellish speech impediment. I bet electroshock, no wait, it wouldn’t I’m fairly certain over his tenure as a muppet Beaker has received more than his healthy share of voltage.

Anyway, back to meme. I didn’t get them at first, not the memes themselves, the fact that they needed their own term. I mean, isn’t a meme just a trend? I mean yes it’s a fairly specific trend, but still a trend none the less. Like those slap bracelets that everyone had when I was in the third or fourth grade. Man I hated those, almost as much as I loathed kickball. Not sure why, wait, yeah I know why I hated kickball. Because I have no foot eye coordination.

I tell ya *queue wavy flashback special effect* things were easier when we were kids. Not because we were kids and lacked any and all form or responsibility, but because the world itself was simpler in the 80’s. I mean, you had like three kinds of people. You had the (and I’m abandoning all political correctness here) ratty kids, who wore the same jeans to school until they weren’t blue anymore, wore ratty flannel shirts, had overly disheveled hair, and usually some sort of gash, cut or bug bite that they were constantly picking at. Then there were the preppy kids, who always wore shiny cloths, dresses, always brought kewl new toys to school, and never played with the ratty kids. There there was everyone else, which is where I fell in, and everyone else kind of broke up into their own comfortable little groups or 3 or 4 and played amongst themselves. Like myself and two other friends of mine when I was a little kid, we usually played around an old lamp pole on the play ground, pretending to be robots, or superheroes, or jet fighter pilots or who knows what else. We’d swing on the swings and pretend we were flying F-14 fighter jets, you know because Top Gun was kewl to us then, unlike it is now.

But life was simpler, I mean you woke up in the morning, and in my case you woke up to your Garfield alarm clock, and got out of your bed that had transformer sheets on it, and I mean the real transformers, not those shiny, sharp pointy things in the recent films. You’d have some Lucky charms, and some orange juice, maybe watch a few minutes of cartoons on nickelodeon, because we didn’t have cartoon network, or boomerang, or the internet. Maybe you’d even play with some toys real quick, like the newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure you got, or a new Transformer toy, that you were still trying to figure out exactly how it transformed, or maybe even one of the plethora of GI Joes that they made back then. Then you’d slip into your Reeboks pump them up, grab your Trapper Keeper, stick it in your shiny backpack and, like I did, literally walk across the street to school.

School was easy too then, or maybe it was that when we were kids we actually learned, we payed attention. Well most of us did. We’d have a class or two, then recess, then another class then lunch, then another recess, then two or three more classes and then one last recess for the day and then the last class of the day before we scurried home to try and catch the after school cartoons, or see if maybe Disney was running a summer, spring or fall special and you could watch the Disney shows, like The Mickey Mouse Club, or Ducktales. But during school, it wasn’t like it is today. You didn’t dare yell at a teacher, or misbehave in general really, at least not that I can ever distinctly remember. I mean we weren’t perfect, I’ll never say that, because we were messed up in our own way. Take me for example I met my first best friend in kindergarten, and I think it was from arguing over a Little Tykes refrigerator playset, or something like that. It’s foggy way back there nowadays. Even kindergarten was different back then, I went every other day, and we had nap time! Of course that was usually when I passed notes to this girl that I liked, yeah, even in kindergarten I was a sap. Then there was the teachers. Teachers were always older, motherly, or grand motherly women, well most of them, my third grade teacher was a real battle axe.

Anywho, I got off track, MEMES. I think, hmm, well I’ve completely lost that line of thinking, but I wanted to share this with you all. Well now it’s that, so go back and click on ‘this‘, not ‘that‘ well you can click on ‘that‘, but it won’t do you any good, so click on ‘this‘. Oh that was fun.

But yes! W00tstock! I want! I think you should all chip in and buy me and the missus tickets to it, I’ll bring back over priced, ingenuine trinkets for you all? Well, how about it? No? You all suck, no really you don’t, or do you? *eyes you all suspiciously*

Well it’s that time again, no not that time, but that time. So see you lot in another 3 or 4 days, until then remember:

“The cosmos is also within us, We’re made of star stuff”