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Another shot in the dark
27 September 2012, 12:51 am
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Well I’m sitting here at my desk, the work one that is with its retro fabric walls up closing me in. Instead of my nice cozy desk at home. I’m realizing that I really have no idea what to blog about when I do these things. They tend to be about whatever I’m ranting about at that given point in time.

However I have friends that regularly blog about food and travel, because they do just that. My wife blog about her photography, because she rocks that area. Then at work there are folks that blog about whatever it is that they blog about. I however can’t seem to find my groove. Should it be video games, science, politics, food, cooking, treatises on how society in general experiences a general sense of malaise over how their government manages itself? I dunno…

So, what’s up with you?