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Favorite Games

Greetings programs! I thought I’d take this opportunity today to share with you some of my favorite games. Now this could potentially be a massive list of games. So I thought I’d limit it to the three games that I currently play the most.

Those would be, in the order of which I play them the most:

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim



Now I will whole heartily admit, that I spend a lot of time playing all of these games. Sometimes I’ll get some play time in on each one, other times I may only play one of them a week and then another the next week.  But these are the games that eagerly eat up my gaming time.

First on the list is Star Trek Online. I’m hesitant to write much about this game as I’ve written about it in the past. Suffice to say, Star Trek Online is a MMORPG based in the Star Trek universe.

Taking place in the year 2409 the game takes place roughly forty years after the end of the Star Trek: The Next Generation series.

It combines elements of both ship based space combat and ground based player combat.

Secondly, Bethesda Softworks The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Skyrim is the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series of games, and in my opinion is the best to date.In Skyrim you play as the Dragonborn, and it’s up to you to battle dragons, vampires, werewolves and a host of other monsters to save the land of Skyrim.

Initially released in 2011 the game quickly became a favorite not just among fans of the franchise but RPG as well as fantasy gaming fans as well. Fast forward two years to now and the game is still going strong. With three DLC additions and a near limitless selection of player made Mods Skyrim shows no sign of losing its place as one of the best RPGs of all time.

Last but certainly not least is Minecraft. Created by Markus “Notch” Persson then published and now developed by Mojang, initially released for PC in 2009 it had quickly spread to the XBox 360 and mobile platforms as well. Received as a simple game, Minecraft offers a true sandbox experience. Allowing the player to create or destroy the environment as they see fit, as well as construct numerous tools to enhance game play.

The most common activity in Minecraft by far is constructing amazing structures, or recreating iconic structures in the game world.

Mojang is steadily releasing updates, some with major additions, to Minecraft and constantly driving to improve the overall experience that is Minecraft.

Personally I play a custom mod of Minecraft played Yogcraft that is available through the Feed The Beast mod pack. Inspired by the Yogbox of ages past, Yogcraft is the current incarnation of the Yogbox.

Well that’s it, those are my three favorite games right now. As always I welcome any comments or suggestions.


Star Trek Online VS The oncoming Romulan horde

The launch date for Star Trek Onlines first expansion, Legacy of Romulus, is quickly approaching and I for one cannot wait.

I always liked the Romulans, the gray, somewhat paranoid yet roman-esque cousins of Star Treks beloved Vulcans. The ships that they employed were massive yet graceful, and were nothing like their Starfleet or Federation counterparts.

The expansion looks to bring 3 new playable races, a new faction, a new reputation tree, lots of new ships, a level cap increase, UI improvements and a slew of other enhancements to the game.

Due out on May 21st, a steady stream of Development blogs from Cryptic Studios has been keeping players up to date on what to look forward to in the coming expansion. Coupled with updates to Tribble, one of the two public test servers that Cryptic has for players to experience new game play content, many players have already whetted their appetite and can’t wait for the expansion.

I for one am eagerly awaiting the Legacy of Romulus and all its pointy eared awesomeness.

We’re back in 3…2…1…

Welcome! or maybe even perhaps Welcome Back! But that latter is highly doubtful since in the last two months I’ve had two unique visitors.

Let’s get to the meat of the matter, jobs and video games.

My office recently went through a ‘purge’. Twelve individuals were let go, which means that since I first started at my current place of employment the size of my office has been reduced by 66%. That’s astounding to me. The individuals were given no reasons and for most of them no one outside of my office even spoke to them about the situation.

This recent culling has spurred myself, my direct supervisor and one other colleague to update our resumés and begin looking for employment elsewhere.

I’ve discovered during these most recent job hunts is that most positions in my given career field are contract positions. For example when I did a search with some fairly definitive filters on a popular job posting site, I received 93 pages of possible jobs. Once I removed the “Contract” and “Contract to Hire” options my results dropped to 9 pages. Displaying 25 postings per page, that means that there were roughly  2300 positions open in my given geographic area in my career field, some 2100 of which are contracted positions, with just over 200 being traditional Direct Hire positions.

Why is this? I really have no idea. I hear the explanations that Contract workers are cheaper somehow, but it makes no sense to me. If Big Anon Corp pays you $20 an hour or Big Anon Staffing Co places you there and pay you $20 doesn’t that end up costing Big Anon Corp more, since they have to pay Big Anon Staffing Co either an initial amount for doing such a good job finding you (/sarcasm) or they Big Anon Staffing Co gets a sliver of money every time you get paid. So how exactly does this save Big Anon Corp any money what so ever?


Video Games!

I like them, I love them. They are my hobby and my quite place I go to unwind and relax. Over the past years the focus of my gaming has shifted away from console based FPS’s to various genres on my PC.

Currently my games of choice are Star Trek Online, Skyrim and Minecraft. I highly recommend all of these games as they are both fun and entertaining.

I find Star Trek Online (STO) extremely entertaining, and not just because I’m a super trekkie, but because it genuinely is a fun game. It blends Star Trek, Role Playing, as well as both ground based and space based game play together in a delicate dance that Cryptic Studios has orchestrated beautifully. The game went Free to Play in 2012, and has enjoyed moderate growth ever since.

Skyrim is the latest installation in the Elder Scrolls series of games, initially released in 2011 it has received high praise for both its immersive story, gorgeous graphics and has also been well received by the modding community for its excellent mod support.

Then there’s Minecraft, the runaway hit from Mojang. Minecraft is a deceptively simple game. It’s runs on Java, and its basic premise is that it gives you a world and let’s you create what you want in that world in whatever means you like. If you’re interested I suggest you checkout some of the Yogscast videos on YouTube.

Now that all of that has been said, I bid you all a good day and hopefully I’ll have something more to write tomorrow.

Flanders OUT!